Expanding logistics potential

Roadliner Logistics Inc is one of the largest trucking company with 250 extensive fleet terminal across all of North America. Our Services include logistics, warehousing, supply chain, cargo insurance, licence plates and many more…

“Roadliner is committed to provide innovative solutions and have extensive experience in transporting goods from manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.”
Gurpreet Singh

At Roadliner Logistics Services, we use our 25 years of experience in the logistics industry to provide supply chain management solutions for all types of  companies. Roadliner involves the active streamlining a business’s supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Roadliner Logistics Inc.

We provide customized Dedicated solutions to meet the unique needs of your business and your industry. By trusting us to manage your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the many complications that come with it. Let us manage all aspects of the operation including cost, regulations compliance, service performance and more so you can focus on your core business. We work with customers of all sizes, so our scalable solutions will improve the efficiency and flexibility of your distribution network, while delivering award-winning service.

We understand your industry

  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrials
  • Health Care

Complex logistics made simple

Our Logistics division focuses entirely on our Brokerage and Intermodal services. We match customer needs with available equipment from our network of carriers. Our capacity-based rating strategy focuses on managing your costs by arranging for the cost-effective transportation of all types of freight with one call.

To uphold the standards of service that our customers expect, we utilize a vast network of third-party carriers that are selected based upon a comprehensive, stringent vetting process. Roadliner demonstrates financial security to both authorized carriers and customers by providing a $250,000 bond, far beyond the amount required by federal law.

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